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About Judi

“I have worked with other therapists before, but Judi is the first to truly listen to what I am saying and give me a toolkit of mindful practices to help deal with my anxiety. She is kind, but unafraid to tell you the things you don’t want to hear but really need to hear. I would highly recommend her to anyone who struggles with anxiety.”

- Hannah

“Judi’s clinical knowledge and practice in the spiritual space makes for a perfect mixture of therapy. Life happens. Thankfully Judi is there to help piece things back together. ”


“Judi is unbelievable in her practice. She is very professional, while also being supportive and welcoming. Her alternative techniques to normal talk therapy have helped me greatly through my process.”


About Be Well and Rise

Be Well and Rise is a holistic spiritually-focused therapy process grounded in neuroscience, sub-conscious energy healing, traditional psychology and yoga. Be Well and Rise specializes in depression, anxiety, trauma, and achieving divine self-worth through finding the authentic self. New Earth Therapy use traditional psychotherapy along with a vast range of tools that include Hypnotherapy, EMDR (eye-movement desensitization reprocessing therapy), yoga, CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) dyadic therapy, meditation/mindfulness, & yoga. The creative use of these techniques ensure each individual, relationship, and/or family system gets what they need to heal as a whole.

The Team

Welcoming Ryan Landau

Ryan Landau is co-founder of Pathwaves and co-creator of its transformational methodology NeuroEmpowerment™️. His experience in educating, mentoring, and coaching within his role at Pathwaves and within his collaborative practice at Be Well & Rise is designed to co-create empowering and sustainable journeys for adolescents, adults, and elders struggling with patterns of addiction, anxiety and depression, sleep, and a variety of performance limitations. His growing focus and platform is on men who desire meaningful connections, to be seen for who they are beyond their achievements, and to be a healthier and more authentic leader. 

The Awakening Partnership

Partnership Work with Ryan & Judi

Do you feel like you are making war more than you are making love? Has the fire died? Do you feel like you never have enough time for yourself, let alone each other? Do you long for more connection and intimacy,more support, more fun, and new experiences with your partner?

If YES was the answer keep scrolling to know more.


 The Awakening Partnership is designed to breathe new life into your relationship. It will provide each individual with the fundamental understanding, tools, and practices necessary to move your relationship into 'transcendence'. In short, new understandings lead to new behaviors that generate new patterns and thus new experiences. A relationship is a set of connections that provides energy and ultimately life. In a relationship there are three sets of connections: the internal wiring that embodies the personality, the states of functioning of each person and the life of the relationship they’ve built together. These connections need consistent nurturing for them to flourish. Relationships that don’t receive this regularly have a tendency to stay stagnant and have the potential to deteriorate and end in seperation or "uncoupling".  The Awakening Partnership is designed to breathe new life into your relationship to make it naturally harmonious, a space where each partner has a basic orientation within themselves and within their relationship which fundamentaly sets the groundwork for intentionally healthy loving communications, interactions, and overall partnership.

Stay tuned for more information to come...